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The Volcker Committee's investigation into dormant accounts at Swiss banks was carried out between 1997 and 1999 and covered some 4.1 million World War II-era accounts.

The auditors originally identified 53,000 open and closed accounts which they believed had a probable or possible link with the Holocaust. The Volcker Report issued in December 1999 recommended the centralisation and partial publication of the names of the account-holders.

Following approval of the Settlement by the presiding US Judge Edward Korman in the summer of 2000, the accounts were once again examined by independent auditors with the support of the banks and the number of accounts was reduced to 36,000.


Holocast: Swiss Bankers Association Dormant Accounts

On February 5, 2001, a new claims process was established to provide Nazi victims or their heirs with an opportunity to make claims to assets deposited in Swiss banks in the period before and during World War II. The claims process is triggered by the publication of a list of 21,000 names of account owners, who were probably victims of Nazi Persecution. This website contains all the information you will need to find out further details about the claims program, view the list of names of account owners, receive a claim form with instructions, and obtain assistance in filling out the claim form from volunteer organizations.

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Holocaust: Victim Assets Litigation

This is the official information website for the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation against Swiss Banks and other Swiss Entities. You may have important rights under a proposed $1.25 billion (U.S.) Settlement of a class action lawsuit against private Swiss Banks and other Swiss Entities for their alleged conduct related to World War II and the Holocaust. The claims filing deadlines for the Deposited Assets, Slave Labor and Refugee Classes have been extended. The deadline to file Insurance Claims has also been extended. Please access the links on this site for more details.

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