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West Virginia State Tax Help and Forms (Subscribe)

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West Virginia tax help, forms and answers to thousands of West Virginia tax questions. Handy summary of all West Virginia taxes, including corporate and individual West Virginia income taxes, credits, exemptions, deductions and more. Includes West Virginia estate, gift and inheritance tax, miscellaneous West Virginia taxes, pass-through entity treatment, payroll taxes, property taxes and West Virginia sales & use taxes.

West Virginia ranks #37 on the State Business Tax Climate Index (

West Virginia State Tax Summary (TaxGrams ™)
Corporate Taxes
   Rates & Brackets:
      8.7%> $0
   Loss Carry-back/fwd: 2 Years Back ($300,000 max.) / 20 Years Forward (Unlimited)
   Throwback Sales?: N
   Foreign Tax Deductible?: N
   Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): N
   Gross Receipts Tax: N
   Capital Stock (Net Worth) Tax?: 0.550%

Credits and Incentives
   Job Credits?: Y
   R&D Credits?: Y
   Investment Credits?: Y

Individual Taxes
   Rates & Brackets:
      3%> $0
      4%> $10,000
      4.5%> $25,000
      6%> $40,000
      6.5%> $60,000
   Local Option IT Rate: None
   Federal Inc used as Base?: Y
   Standard Deductions: Single N/A / Joint N/A
   Personal Exemptions/Credits (c): Single $2,000 / Joint $4,000 / Dependent $2,000
   Federal Tax Deductible?: N
   State Tax Deductible?: Y
   Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)?: Y

Inheritance, Gift, Estate, Death Taxes
   Gift Tax?: N
   Estate Tax?: Copies Federal
   Inheritance Tax?: N
   Generation-Skipping Tax?: N

Miscellaneous Taxes
   Gas Tax: 32.5 cents/gallon
   Diesel Tax: 32.5 cents/gallon
   Cigarette Tax: 55.0 cents/20 pack

Pass-through Entities
   LLC Pass-through Recognized?: Y
   S-Corp Pass-through Recognized?: Y

Payroll Taxes
   Unemployment Insurance Tax Index ( #31

Property Taxes
   Median Tax Paid on Homes (Rank): $457 (#48)
   Median Value of Homes: $95,900
   Tax as % of Home Value (Rank): 0.48% (#45)
   Median Income of Homeowner: $46,105
   Tax as % of Income (Rank): 0.99% (#48)

Sales and Use Taxes
   State Rate: 6.0%
   County & City (Weighted Ave): None
   Combined State and Ave. Local Rates (Rank): 6.0% (#32)
   General Treatment of Services: Taxable
   Gas Exemption: Exempt
   Grocery Exemption: Partial



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